3rd Annual Blackjack Year In Review

It’s that time again avid reader.  We look back at 2016 and recap my year of gambling trips running down the wins and losses along the way.

This was another fun year, but unfortunately another negative result on the balance sheet.  I set a new personal best with 13 casino trips and matched my previous record of 6 Vegas trips including a cross-desert drive from Phoenix to Vegas.  This earned my first ‘Diamond’ status with Total Rewards, which likely won’t happen again until I retire.

I was lucky enough to meet @BlackChipDiary for a blackjack session at Aria in Vegas this summer.  We had our 3rd annual guys Vegas trip this summer which included a trip to DTLV and the El Cortez along with a win at Roulette which is almost unheard of.  I also added a new state to my roster of casino visits with a quick trip to Talking Stick in AZ.

Here is a rundown of the year by the numbers:

  • 13 trips with casino visits – new record
    •  6 trips to Vegas – ties record
  • Largest loss in one trip -18 yards – 15 yds less than worst in 2015
  • Largest win in one trip +15 yards – 15 yds better than best in 2015
    • Included a ‘chocolate chip’ (5k) session
  • Largest loss on one hand – 9 yards
  • Largest win on one hand + 12 yards
  • Diamond status with Total Rewards – 1st time for me
  • Total win/loss for 2015 – 42 yards (better than 2015, but still in the red)

Another fun year in the books,  with great trips and always interesting casino experiences.  I’m headed to Vegas on Jan 2nd so I have an early chance to put some points on the board in my favor for 2017.

Remember that National Blackjack Day is March 2nd and hopefully I’ll see you at the tables!