Two Gambling Trips in One Week

I got a new job – #excited!  I was lucky enough to have 2 weeks off between jobs which gave me some down time.  Of course when I get down time that means a trip to a casino.  In this case I was able to get 2 trips in.  First was a 36-hour Vegas jag, 2nd was a quick guys trip to Harrahs Cherokee.

First trip first, Vegas has gotten to be a solid routine for me.  Stayed at my favorite, Planet Hollywood, and spent time at PH, Paris and Ballys.  Started at the $100 tables which didn’t go well, but then broke even for the next 12 hours at the $25 tables.

Interestingly the 2 places I came out ahead in day 1 were poker – 2 place chop at PH tourney – and Craps where I came out with 3x buy in on the first craps game I’ve played in at least a year.

Morning of day 2 started out strong with wins at the $100 tables, but then gave it all back.  The trip ended with a solid win at $100 tables to get back to roughly even for the 36-hours.

After that solo adventure it was fun to have a guys trip to Cherokee NC.  The guys are poker players so I spent 90% of my time in the poker room.  We played $2-5 NLH which was fun after not playing live cash games in years.  We played 3 separate long sessions.  Session 1 was a nice win, session 2 was not well played and ended in losses, and session 3 was another solid win.

I was happy with my play.  Haven’t played in a long time and was making moves both with and without good cards.  It was nice to get a different gambling experience and see that I could win in another venue.

Will keep my blackjack focus, but nice to branch out and get new gaming wins under my belt.