Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino Review

Review update July 30, 2018: I’ve taken several trips to Harrah’s Cherokee River Valley Casino in the past year, however, there really wasn’t anything to add as part of this review until this month.  This was the first trip I’ve stayed in the hotel which is attached to the casino on a comp last Thursday night.  The entire hotel review can be summed up with imagining any Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, or Holiday Inn Express that you’ve ever stayed in – yep that’s it.

The newest addition to the property is very nice – they now have an Ultrastar entertainment center.  This is a welcome new way for visitors to do more than gamble when they come here.  There are about 10 bowling lanes, a full-service restaurant, and an arcade for kids.  It’s not Dave and Busters or Top Golf, but at least it gives the place a little more of a destination vibe.

Another update from my last visit is the Diamond Lounge.  They have expanded the hours and it is now open 3-10pm every day.  It fits about 50 people and serves a different dinner menu each night.  The options aren’t huge, but the food was decent and drinks are half price versus the casino floor so I bought drinks inside and took them on the floor while I played.

Overall the updates are a nice addition to the relatively limited experience at this property.  The area has plenty of good outdoor activities during the day and they are working to add more options so this becomes more than just a gambling hall.

Review update October 26 2016: I went back to Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino this week for a quick one-day trip mainly to help push my Total Rewards points over the finish line to make it to Diamond for the first time.   It looks like they have made a couple of improvements since my last trip and still have a couple of gaps.

Original review October 2015

First the good news, they have added more tables including $50 minimum blackjack tables in the high-limit room.  Also, the dealers are now much more comfortable and competent so the play is more consistent.  Talking to the dealers and pit bosses it sounds like they are doing decent business during the day, but not much play at night since there is still not much else in terms of entertainment to keep people around the area.

On the less than exciting side, there is still no poker room and no timeline to have one.  The dining options are still pretty bleak and they are working on a ‘flagship’ restaurant without much luck since they want a nice place that would serve all three meals, or stay open 24/7, which is probably a hard sell with their clientele and lack of evening crowd.

I’m going to stick with my original recommendation that Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino is purely for gamblers, a decent place to go for a few hours of slots, blackjack, roulette, etc, but if you are looking for more than just gambling and want more of an experience it’s worth the extra hour drive from Atlanta to Harrahs Cherokee.