2018 Year in Review

In a tradition unlike any other, I present my 5th annual recap of my year in gambling.  This was a roller-coaster ride of a year with lots of casino trips and big swings in bankroll.  Once again I ended the year with a losing total – I should really learn something from this ongoing trend, but I keep coming back for more.  I always have fun, but man it would be nice to write this at the end of 2019 with more money than I have now.  Anyway, here’s a look at the numbers…

  • 21 casino visits (new record)
    • 7 Vegas trips (new record)
    • 2 new states (Alabama & Washington) making my total 13 states played
    • 1 new country (England)
    • Extended streak to 34 straight months playing in a live casino
  • Best single trip +420 yards
  • Worst single trip – 860 yards
  • Total loss for the year 112 yards

My trend is fairly similar every year where I start off in a bit of a hole after a January trip, make it back up in the spring to get towards even then press my bets in a fall trip that drives my bankroll into the red.  I’m headed back to Vegas in a week for my annual trip at CES week so let’s see if I can kick off 2019 with a win for once and buck the recent trend for 2019.

Have a great 2019 and I hope to see you at the tables!