48 Months and Counting

I was looking back at my gambling history – yes I keep a spreadsheet tracking my play – and realized that I’ve gambled in a casino at least once each month for the past 48 months.  It’s not a bad stat on the surface, but when you add in the fact that the closest casino to my home is a 2-hour drive, I’m pretty impressed with myself.  Many of my visits were simple one-day up and back trips, but there have been plenty of full-blown Vegas vacations thrown in there as well.

Here is a quick look at the past 4 years by the numbers:

  • 60 separate casino trips (LVS includes multiple casinos per trip)
  • 24 Trips to Las Vegas
  • Most visited location: NC (26 visits)
  • Most casino trips (on non-consecutive days) in a month: 4
  • Biggest win in a month: 430 yards
  • Worst loss in a month: 520 yards
  • 17 winning months, 31 losing months (ouch)
  • 11 Different locations
    • LV, SF, L.A., Iowa, NC, UK, Balt, DC, Mia, Wisc, AC

Now that I have a streak going I’m debating on how long I’m going to try and keep it running.  Even though I tend to be a bit of a stat geek and keeping streaks going plays into my personality I don’t think I will keep the streak just to keep it.  I do however find myself wanting to visit a casino every few weeks and so there is a good chance that I’ll have this streak for a while for the simple reason that I enjoy being in a casino playing blackjack.

Hopefully, I’ll see you at the tables during one of my next streak-extending visits!

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