Year End Points Chase

No it’s not the PGA or NASCAR end of season championship, it is the annual race to make it to the next tier of rewards points and this year I’m cutting it close.  You can see from the image below as of Nov 15th I’m 219 miles from Platinum airline status, which is basically the equivalent of a flight from one side of the street to the other.  And on my Total Rewards account I’m 121 points from Diamond which is maybe 15 minutes at the right table or slot machine.points

Spoiler alert: I’ll make both of these levels.  I have a work flight planned for early December and trip to casino planned for mid-December.  I wish I didn’t care about either of these, but truthfully I am a points chaser so I do care about making the cut.

These companies have the levels down to a science and they do a great job of enticing additional visits just to hit the next level.  I enjoy the perks of seat upgrades on flights and the free room and comps at casinos that come with the additional levels so I want to keep my perks next year as well.

They’ve got me hooked and maybe one day I’ll stop caring, but for the near future I’ll keep chasing the next level.