New Way to Win at Harrahs Cherokee April 2014

I’m a loyal Totalrewards member since my friends at Ceasars give me free rooms, food, beverage and credits from time to time due to my level of gaming.  They also run my favorite Vegas casino – Planet Hollywood – more on that in a future past-tense post.

Sunday April 6, 2014 there was a WSOP event at Harrahs Cherokee which made the place a madhouse with more people than I’ve experienced in my 5 or so visits in the past two years.  I’m from Atlanta and it’s a 2.5 to 3 hour drive one-way so I was afraid I’d just wasted a long trip for nothing.  Arrived at noonish and every single $25 blackjack table was full.  I prefer to play mano y mano with the dealer so this was not what I was hoping for.

Harrahs Cherokee blackjack set-up:

  • Main Floor
  • Several $10-15 tables, mid-shoe entry available
  • Handful of $25 tables, no mid-shoe entry
  • High-limit room
  • 4-8 $50 tables, no mid-shoe
  • 4 $100 tables, no mid-shoe
  • No surrender available in any situation, one split of aces, all tables auto-shuffle with a shoe, no single deck or manual shuffle that I’ve seen.

I waited until a new $25 table opened and played by myself for one shoe – promptly losing $250.  From there took a break and decided to play in high-limit room to have opportunity to play without others at my table.  Without surrender the strategy is less effective so tried a new tack.  Looked for open $50 tables that were mid-shoe and the previous player had been busted.  Using this strategy moved between 3 different tables and made back the $250 plus $600 in winnings.

Overall Harrahs Cherokee is a nice place, plenty of chain smoking slot stuffers, but there is enough open space to not feel like you’re in a SC truck stop.  The decor is upscale riverside casino, dealers are friendly, and there are plenty of tables to choose from as long as you are willing to bet $25+ per hand.


2 thoughts on “New Way to Win at Harrahs Cherokee April 2014

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    bankroll management, since one-day your bankroll is likely to be enormous and
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    • I’m assuming this is sarcasm which I can appreciate since obviously this or any ‘strategy’ is purely a factor of short-term variance rather than a true path to consistently winning.

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