Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Bought My Loyalty for $160

Apparently, $160 is the price it takes for me to spend a day playing blackjack.  I get Total Rewards offers in the mail and online on a regular basis since Caesars is my casino company of choice.  Usually, it is free rooms at their hotels or a $20 free play.  This past month Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River upped the ante and in both April and May sent me $100 and $60 free cash offers.  They were valid for specific dates and on one Thursday each month they overlapped.

As I’ve mentioned before Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River is my closest casino at 2 hours from Atlanta.  It isn’t much, just a big open room with slots and tables, no frills, just gambling.  I figured for $160 it was worth the $20 in gas money to make the trip both months.

My April trip was exactly what they wanted – I took the $160 went to the $25 tables. lost 3x the free play and headed home.  Yesterday I tried my luck again, took their $160 went to the $50 table in the high-limit room and won 2x my buy-in.  Overall, the two trips combined I doubled their free cash so the drive was worth the effort and the free money turned out to be a winner.

So there you go casino companies, my price for visiting Vegas is a free room and my price for spending a day playing blackjack near my home is just south of $200.  Speaking of which, next week I’ll be in Vegas at a free room in Paris so hopefully that pays off on my side as well.