The Gambler Is a Wise Man

‘You gotta know when to walk away, know when to run’ – Kenny Rogers is a wise man.  My last trip to the casino was productive, but in reviewing my play I left another $500+ at the tables by not listening to the gambler’s sage advice.

At the first table I was playing alone and running slightly better than break-even when another player sat next to me and instantly turned the tide in his favor and away from me.  I knew this was bad for me as soon as he sat down and after losing $100 I knew I should cut my losses and leave, but instead I stuck around and watched my entire $300 buy-in go away.

After that weak performance I staged a comeback at a $50 table and turned a $500 buy-in to $1400 at one point and then rode that high down to a respectable $1200, but then was stubborn and didn’t listen to my inner voice, stayed with the same table and ended up at $800 when I finally pulled the rip cord.  At my last table of the day I again went on a strong run and turned $500 into $1200, then rode out the last shoe to end at $1000.

The moral of the above story is much like the old horror movie when the house moans ‘get out’ and your gut says it’s time to get out then GET OUT!  Take the money, don’t get greedy, move to another table and start your run over again.  It seems easy enough, but even after hundreds of sessions I still have to learn when to walk away.