Productive Day at the Casino

I took the day off work and drove the nearly 3 hours each way to my local casino today.  It was a productive day at the blackjack tables with plenty of new content ideas for this blog which you’ll see in subsequent posts.  Overall I played my system well and although I didn’t follow a couple of my own rules as consistently as possible the ride home felt shorter than the ride there thanks to the win.

The quick recap of the day has a very similar sequence as most of my one day casino trips.  It started with a $300 buy-in at the one empty $25 table which had me even for the first round and a half until someone joined me and shifted the cards enough to wipe out my buy-in.  After that quick loss I kicked myself for not stepping away from the table earlier when I knew things were going south.

I headed to the high-limit room and the $50 tables which have the no mid-shoe entry rule.  The combination of no mid-shoe entry and the higher limit allowed me to play by myself as I prefer.  Once I started playing in my element the tide turned in my favor.  I took a seat with a half-played shoe and bought in for $500.  I turned that $500 into $1200 before sliding back to $800 when I decided to take another quick break since I was back to even for the day.

Since I hadn’t come all this way to break even I switched $50 tables and bought in for another $500.  This time I was either going to lose the $500 and call it a day or turn it into a meaningful win and drive home ahead.  I played the first couple of shoes at basically even until I hit a solid run and went up a couple hundred dollars.  The next shoe went even better and I was up $600 as the shoe was nearing an end – the last few hands didn’t go my way which brought my total day’s take back down to $500.

I continue to learn to trust my system and need to remind myself to stick with it in order to bring home even more money by making just a couple of small tweaks.  Not bad for a day’s work.


Momentum Blackjack ™

My blackjack strategy is fairly straightforward and I’ve coined the term Momentum Blackjack ™.  The basic premise in Momentum Blackjack is that if you combine the use of surrender, smart play with some small variations to the ‘book’, and maximize wager sizing you will give yourself a better chance to walk away from your session ahead of the game.

Component one is using blackjack surrender – I’ll do an upcoming post more fully describing my complete endorsement of surrender, but for the purposes of this post on Momentum Blackjack ™ what you need to know is that surrender is a key piece of the puzzle to keep your losses to a minimum when you have low odds of winning the hand.

The second piece of the puzzle is applying blackjack strategy that doesn’t follow the book.  I’m a fan of the blackjack book in general, especially if you are a beginner and want to know the basics to give yourself a chance to win.  The challenge that almost every dealer will tell you is that this is basic blackjack strategy and anything basic is meant for people who are looking to have a good time and want a simple answer on the question of hit or stay.  I’m not counting cards and my variations to the book are slightly unorthodox at times, but I’ve seen solid results.

The last main part of Momentum Blackjack ™ is wager sizing.  If you bet the same on every hand you will lose money every trip to the casino.  If you raise your bets too high you will give away your winnings too fast on losing hands especially if you’re losing on doubles or splits.  I’ve spent a lot of time on Excel spreadsheets doing the math on bet sizing and how much and how often to raise or lower bet amounts to maximize your potential winnings.

These are the keys to my Momentum Blackjack ™ system that has consistently put me ahead at the casino when I’ve employed it correctly and consistently.  Happy to discuss the details directly with anyone who wants to learn more.