How do You Compare to the Average Las Vegas Gambler?

I’m a huge fan of data, gaming and Las Vegas so when I saw the 2013 Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Visitor Profile Study came out I eagerly dug in to see how my gaming habits compared.  Not surprisingly I’m at the high end for some of the gaming related stats and on the low end on the entertainment activities.

In the tradition of Jeff Foxworthy here is a little ‘You Might Be a Gambler If…’

  • You visit Las Vegas more than 1.7x per year
  • You spend more than 2.9 hours/day gambling while in Vegas
  • You budget more than $529.57 for gaming per trip to Las Vegas

I recently did another post asking if gamblers are a dying breed and this survey suggests that we may not be dying, but in Las Vegas other activities are definitely taking a larger share of the overall pie.

There is an interesting mix of factors, on one hand 15% of visitors said their primary purpose of the visit was to gamble, which is the highest number since 2009 and almost double the 8% figure in 2012.  On the flip side of that stat is only 71% of total visitors gambled during their trip, this stat has consistently declined from an 83% high in 2009.

My take on this – the economy is back so conventions and Vegas leisure trips are picking up which means the pool of people visiting Vegas is growing so the percent of gamers in that larger pool is shrinking.  On the flip side the average gambler now has a little more money in their pocket so they can afford to make a dedicated gaming trip so the gaming only trip is also on the rise.

Overall Vegas is picking up momentum again and that is a good thing for everyone whether you are a blackjack player, club kid, or foodie.