Big Blackjack Loss at CES Vegas January 2014

I was coming into 2014 after a pretty strong 2013 where overall I was up several hundred dollars, developed a nice routine in Vegas and made progress on my blackjack system.  With that in mind I was excited to head to CES where I would be able to get in some solid table time in addition to my business meetings and responsibilities.

As you can tell by the title of this post my 2014 gaming season didn’t get off to a good start.  The combination of fairly large crowds, lack of spare time to execute the strategy, lots of drinking at industry events, and playing with other people led to a very bad three day stretch.

The first night I was able to get out on the strip by myself for a couple of hours, however Planet Hollywood was a zoo so I tried Aria and the only table I could find where I had the chance to play alone was $50 and I never got any traction.  Night one was a bust and I had a feeling this was going to be a tough trip.  The second afternoon and night was more of the same.  Between happy hours and meetings I got in some blackjack, but it was always rushed and involved playing with industry friends so it was fun, but never profitable.

I went into night three with a flat tire and leaking oil.  Night three was the end of CES so I thought it would be a chance to make a comeback, but I was on a cold streak and never found my footing.  I played the system and found empty $25 tables, but the cards were not in my favor and then I pressed my luck at the $100 tables and compounded my losses to end the three day trip down over $2k – big ouch.