Blackjack Casino Table Finder App Please

I have an idea to pitch to the casino industry, I’m hoping Harrah’s, Sands, MGM, Wynn, etc are listening.  I believe there is an opportunity for these companies to add a nice dimension to their existing apps for casino visitors.  I’ve mentioned before that I spend a lot of time walking the floor at a casino looking for a blackjack table that meets the criteria I’m looking for at any given time.

Here is my idea – please give me a real-time look at every table game in your casinos.  This would allow me to quickly decide where I’d like to play without having to search all over the casino floor.  If I’m in Vegas and I select $25 minimum blackjack table it would light up how many tables are available at your properties that match my criteria.  The same would apply for craps, roulette, etc. and I’d like an advanced settings option that would also show me other details like number of players currently sitting, number of decks, type of shuffle, blackjack payout, etc so I could make an informed decision before I walk through the casino or leave the casino I’m currently in to find the table that matches my preferences at your property.

This feels like an add-on to your existing property apps that wouldn’t be too incredibly difficult to develop with some integration to the monitoring systems which record this information electronically already.  I’m sure it isn’t without some dev work, but if you can pull me out of someone elses casino or keep me in your casinos more consistently by making my decisions easier I think it could pay for itself in a reasonable timeframe.

There is my pitch –   if it is already available please let me know where to find it.  If there is anyone out there who can or will build this at their property let me know and I’ll be sure to promote it when it is available – also it would be nice to get hooked up a few extra comps at your place you do build it and it turns into a winner.


Best Free Blackjack App

It’s been over a month since I’ve been to a casino and I’m in blackjack withdrawal.  I don’t play at underground games or clubs since I stand to lose more than I could win and I don’t play for real money online since I’m not in NJ or NV so my only recourse when I don’t have the time or opportunity to make a trip to a casino is playing simulated blackjack on my phone or ipad.

I’ve tried a bunch of blackjack apps and for the most past they are just okay – most have pretty similar basic interfaces and a few customization options.  There is one that I’m very happy with Blackjack Professional Simulator by Pepper Dog Software.  It has multiple settings that allow you to customize the play based on the casino format you want to practice and the career mode will remember your preferences so that you can track your performance over time.appscreen

The learning mode is great for beginners who want to try out their strategy and see how it varies from the book.  For more advanced players it offers a counting mode which allows you to learn more about advanced blackjack strategy.   I will say that playing for fake money doesn’t hold my attention for very long so my play usually starts off strong then wanders into random tests of various options.

I don’t have any direct connection with this app or the design company, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a company who I think has developed a solid product that helps me get better at my pursuit of blackjack returns.

I’m sure there are other good blackjack apps out there so feel free to suggest others I should try.