My Wallet’s Gone! My Wallet’s…Oh Wait

As a huge Seinfeld fan, Morty yelling like a madman when he thinks his wallet was stolen at the doctor’s office always makes me laugh.  Of course when I actually thought I lost money – and not from the dealer pulling 5’s for his 16’s all night – at the casino and had a similar reaction it wasn’t nearly as funny.

I had been celebrating National Blackjack Day at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River casino on March 2 (3:2) and having a good day.  I played at the $50 high-limit room by myself and doubled my money then gave back a bit before deciding to cash out and head back home.  I chipped up and headed to the cage to cash out with a slight detour to watch the free slots tournament.

Sidebar, those slot tourneys are fun people watching.  Bunch of old folks smashing machines in search of a bunch of free rewards points.  Anyway back to the story.

After a few minutes of people watching I reached into my pocket to cash my chips and noticed there wasn’t any cash.  Usually when I gamble I keep my cash in a front pocket so a) I don’t have to sit on my wallet and b) it’s easier to access.  Anyway nothing was there, nothing in my back pockets and just my normal few bucks in my wallet.  Oh crap.  Did I drop it when I pulled out my phone?  Did I leave it at the table?

I trace my steps, ask my dealer, do another lap, check all my pockets and wallet again and still nothing.  I walked back to the table and asked the pit boss if he’d help me out.  He wasn’t warm and fuzzy to start with and this wasn’t his idea of fun even though there was literally no one else in high limit.  So head of security comes down, I repeat my story, he calls the eye in the sky and they start to rewind tape.

I keep talking to the dealer, look under the tables, do another lap, then do the check of all locations again and then…D’OH…I had folded my extra bills and slid them on the inside pocket of my wallet.  I don’t recall doing it, not just today, but ever doing it before in my life.

Now I’m embarrassed as hell.  Immediately tell the security guy, who was GREAT by the way, both in trying to help and making me feel better about being a pain.  Tell the dealer and pit boss who rolls his eyes, apologize to everyone for being a moron, drop a $20 on their table, cash my chips at the cage, and get in my car as fast as possible.

So my National Blackjack Day was mildly profitable and pretty damn embarrassing.

2 thoughts on “My Wallet’s Gone! My Wallet’s…Oh Wait

  1. Brian says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing. I was up there a few days before you were. They had a blackjack tournament and a slot tournament the same day, and they were both free, so I figured, what the hell! The blackjack tournament was really fun but only lasted about 20 minutes. It’s interesting, because you’re not only playing against the dealer, you’re playing against the chip stacks of the players at the table. I was runner up at my table but lost my last hand. It was fun though.
    The slot tournament was just how you described it, my wife was standing off to the side laughing at me trying to push the button and touch the screen as fast as you can. I never play slots, but figured I might get lucky (I didn’t though). Pretty funny.
    All the staff at this location have always been very nice, but you’re right about some of the pit bosses. There are a couple of them that have absolutely no personality. I did have a really good one on this trip though. Her name was Nikki, and she kept checking on our BJ table. I had two really good dealers and we were cracking jokes with her half the night.
    Hoping to go to Cherokee at the end of this month. Might try the poker room for the first time.

    Thanks again for sharing. Here’s to positive variance!

  2. Thanks for the note Brian, sounds like we run in the same areas. I was back at Valley River this week and had great pit bosses and dealers so like anywhere it is hit or miss. I’ve never played in a blackjack tournament, but want to try it out one of the these days. The Cherokee poker room is pretty solid, the one strange thing they had last time I was there were digital tables for the $1/3 games which I would avoid. Good luck and hopefully we cross paths at the casino sometime!

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