The One Time It Makes Sense to Double Down on a 13

Took a quick trip to my local Native American gambling hall yesterday – Harrahs Cherokee Valley River – which I still think should use the #HarrahsCherokeeValleyRiverCasinoHotelandResort in every post.  Anyway, pretty uneventful trip, casino is same as I remember with a decent amount of tables open for a Wednesday afternoon, but I did learn something new for future reference.

While playing blackjack with one other player the dealer missed a stay signal from seat 1 on his 14 vs. dealer showing 4.  The next card was exposed as an 8 and I had a 13 – the pit boss came over, heard the dealer explanation, asked our take on it, looked at the cards and then looked at me smiled and said that is the next card out.  I hit, made 21, the dealer busted, table was happy.

Seemed like a great situation all the way around then the pit boss came back with a smile and deadpanned ‘you should’ve doubled’.


I was so happy that I got a easy free win that it never crossed my mind to double in that situation.  A good reminder to always think about the way to maximize your advantage because there are rarely occasions where the house gives you a guaranteed win!


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