My New Annual Vegas Tradition?

For 10 years I worked at the same company – moved up the ladder and was generally happy with the way things were.  Then we were sold, new management came in and they sent me on my way.  The day I was officially told of my pending departure I was on a commercial shoot in L.A. so I did what any self-respecting gambler would do – I finished my work, booked a comp room at Caesars, got in my rental car and 4 hours later was sitting at a blackjack table drinking my weight in ‘free’ beverages.

That was 3 years ago and I would have never guessed that same basic scenario would play itself out 2 of the next 3 years.  Both of my last 2 job changes have been on my own terms, but they have worked in very similar patterns.  Job isn’t going the way I had hoped or envisioned for whatever reason, I start searching, new opportunity presents itself, company pays out annual bonus, I resign, head to Vegas for 48 hours, come back and get started on the new gig.  Grand scheme of things it’s not a bad routine.

This years edition of the Vegas trip is happening on Monday.  There really is no better place for me to spend this type of transition time.  I’m going by myself, will sleep in, play blackjack, drink too many Bud Lights, eat a good burger at Todd English pub, maybe play a poker tournament, and then fly home ready to start my next job.

This year’s trip does have one new wrinkle – a Bingo tournament.  It happens that Total Rewards has a free Bingo tourney going on while I’m there so I figure WTF, I’ll spend an hour to see what it is all about and who knows maybe I’ll win a couple of bucks for my trouble.  I’ll be sure to post about this one on Twitter and here on the blog since I’m picturing a lot of rascal scooters and good people watching.

While I hope that my new job will be more fulfilling than my last two and keep me engaged longer than one year, I know that if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out I have a familiar pattern to ease the next transition.


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