Vegas Blackjack Trip Recap

It’s taken me a bit, but time to recap last week’s Vegas trip.  This trip was our 2nd annual 48 hour drinking and gambling guys trip.  3 guys, 2 rooms at Caesars, 48 hours, too many drinks to count, hours at the blackjack tables and tons of fun.

We aren’t the guys they make Vegas TV commercials about.  No clubs, no crazy parties, just alcohol and gambling.

This year I was much smarter about my play versus last year when I let alcohol and stupid play eat into my bankroll.  I played $25 or $100 blackjack tables at Planet Hollywood, Paris, Ballys, then we played some craps at various locations along the strip.

Day 1 was a roller coaster, starting slow on the $25 tables and dropping several yards in the hole within the first few hours.  The late afternoon was good to me with a solid run including a nice $100 table run at Paris that got me ahead by 5 yards.

Day 2 was a blur.  I preach to never gamble while drinking and I didn’t follow my own advice.  Luckily I was holding my own and played fairly smart even with the combination of Bud Lights and $100 tables.  I had two terrible runs that dropped me over 20 yards in the hole and then pulled things together after lunch with 2 major runs which put me up 10 yards for the entire trip.  Note: I blew 5 yards on craps and other ‘fun’ team games which was a small price to pay for the entertainment value.

Overall it was a great trip with a lot of male bonding and the usual Vegas gambling fun.  We’re going for year 3 next year and if I can make this an annual tradition including coming back a winner I’m a happy camper.


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