Oh The Blackjack Places You’ll Go

Movie depictions of casinos often show the glamour and beauty of opulent Vegas strip palaces or maybe Paris or Monte Carlo (the cities not the Vegas casinos) with black tie gamblers surrounded by women in evening gowns.  Those of us who play often in the U.S. know that these scenes are the exception rather than the rule.  I’ve played more hands in casinos than I can count and never have I played with a tuxedoed man or woman in an evening gown – unless it was worn ironically as a screen print on a sleeveless t-shirt.

I was taking inventory on the places I’ve played blackjack in a casino and it is quite the list.  It includes some of the finest places in Vegas like Wynn and Aria, down to some of the smokiest shoebox riverboats you can find outside of Kansas City.  I’ve never been to a casino outside of the U.S. so that is definitely on the bucket list.

If my memory holds I’ve now played live cards at casinos in 9 different states.  The list includes: CA, CT, FL, IA, KS, MS, NC, NJ, NV.  That is a pretty strong list, but it still leaves a lot of states to visit and a lot of cards to play.

I enjoy seeing the different types of casinos and the people who visit them in various states.  The range is very wide and the clientele is often eccentric.  The thing that seems to be consistent is that people on the whole are enjoying themselves and appear to be happy even when they aren’t winning.

I’ll keep hitting the road and reporting back from my travels as I continue to add to my list of blackjack locales.


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