Don’t Call It a Comeback

I’ve been on a fairly cold streak in my blackjack odyssey over recent months.  I had three straight losing trips from January through March of 2015 and was getting frustrated with the lack of results.  I could rationalize some of the losses and make excuses for why my 2015 season was in the red, but it’s more productive to learn from my mistakes and start to chip away at the deficit.

My most recent trip to Vegas started much like the first quarter of 2015, I went down over 1500 in the first day of my four day trip.  I felt that I was playing fairly well, but one bad run at the $100 table put me in a deep hole.  After that start I actually went an entire day in Vegas without playing a hand of blackjack – pretty sure that was a first.

The final day of my trip was gut-check time.  I was down big for the trip and the year.  I had to make a choice, was I going to play it safe and try to chip away at the losses in small pieces or press my luck and play my way back at the high-limit tables.

I walked into Planet Hollywood and headed for the $25 party tables to start small, but they all had players so I took a deep breath, dug into my pocket and grabbed a seat at the open $100 table.  Good decision.  I doubled my money in under an hour.

Back to even for the trip and feeling a little momentum I jumped next door to Paris and added another grand to the bankroll.  Now we’re up for the trip and eating into the annual deficit.  Do I press or take the money and run.  Press.  Another short walk down to Ballys and a $50 table which was a nice downshift to lower limit and long session which netted another solid win.

After three straight winning sessions I called it a night and headed to bed much closer to even for the year.  Still not back to black figures, but can see light at the end of the tunnel and feel like a good couple of days on my next trip in Q3 will get me back ahead of the game.

I’m ready to make a second half run in 2015 and put another winning year in the books.


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