Vegas Solo, Is It Really That Odd?

I got a new job!!  It’s a big promotion and in addition to being excited about the new gig I have 2 weeks off between jobs.  If there were a TV camera in my face when I signed the agreement I’d have looked at it and yelled – I’m going to Vegas!

As word of my new job traveled my friends and co-workers always asked how I was going to spend my time off.  I found myself couching my answer with general platitudes about spending time with family, playing golf, etc.

Finally at my going away happy hour I mentioned my plans to visit Vegas for a quick trip.  The looks and questions I got were the same tired old judgemental looks I get almost every time I mention going to Vegas on my own.  ‘Your wife doesn’t mind’, ‘what do you do there’, ‘I can’t believe you go there alone.’

I’m a pretty boring guy.  I’m not doing much besides eating, sleeping, drinking and playing blackjack when I’m in Vegas.  My wife knows this so she’s cool with me going.  Which is awesome BTW.

So why does everyone else assume the worst?  I honestly don’t care, but it does fascinate me.  If I played golf every day and spent 6 hours away from home no one would say a word, but spend 36 hours playing blackjack and you get sideways looks.

Here’s my suggestion.  Everyone worry about their own issues and let me enjoy myself the way that works for me.  If your thing is yoga or triathlons go for it, my thing is blackjack so keep your judgemental looks and comments to yourself and I’m getting on a plane to Vegas baby!


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