10 Days Until Vegas Redemption

My last trip to Vegas during CES in January was a blackjack debacle, major losses starting my 2015 season off in a hole.  Luckily I just got a new job and have time to squeeze in my second Vegas trip this year.

My blackjack goals for the year are pretty simple 1) More Vegas trips than last year (6+) and 2) Winning more than last year (+$5k).  I’m on a good pace for goal number 1 with 2 trips down and an April trip on the books.  Goal number 2 is in jeopardy with the poor start, but I know that not every trip can be a winner so I’m still optimistic.

This trip is another 36-hour blackjack only bender which has been a good formula for winning in the past.  I am going to take it up a notch by starting my play at the $100 limit tables which makes me a little nervous, but with good strategy and execution could get me back to even on the year quickly.

I’m going into practice mode for the next 10 days to give myself the best chance for success and will keep posting updates here and on my Twitter feed @blackjackroi


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