Another CES Blackjack Beatdown

I look forward to kicking off the first week of each year with a pilgrimage to CES in Vegas.  It’s a great combination of technology, networking and blackjack.  I wish that my blackjack results would be as positive as my business results at the annual event.

I have only been officially tracking my CES results for the past two years and this year added to my losing ways.  I’ve mentioned the CES losses before and once again I dropped several thousands of dollars during my trip.

Interestingly this time I didn’t fall into some of the usual traps.  I kept the drinking light, played at quality tables and stuck with the system for the majority of the trip.

I did make the mistake of pressing for wins once it was clear I wasn’t having a good trip.  I played $100 tables trying to make up for losses which of course isn’t wise since it compounded the situation when that table went sideways.

Overall I felt my play was fairly solid, but I do think I may change the system slightly giving more range when it comes to the low-end cards – 12s/13s vs. dealer showing 2s & 3s.  I was a little inconsistent and hesitant in playing these too conservatively at times.

According to one of my favorite sites The Wizard of Odds the dealer has less than a 40% of busting when showing a 2 or 3.  At the same time I have less than a 50% chance of getting a bust card when hitting on a 12 or 13.  Putting those two factors together I realize that I need to be more aggressive and start taking a card on a more consistent and frequent basis when facing that situation.

The beauty of this game is that there is always a new way to refine the strategy and improve my play.  Now I just need to get back out to Vegas and get another swing at the plate.


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