My Year in Blackjack

Happy New Year 2015. 3d

It is apparently mandatory for anyone who has a blog or any other platform to do a year in review on their last message of the year, so here goes.  This year I took my blackjack to the next level with more practice, better tracking of results, and more trips to live casinos than ever before.

Here is a quick overview:

  • 5 trips to Vegas
  • 3 trips to Harrahs Cherokee
  • 1 trip to Atlantic City
  • 5 winning trips
  • 3 losing trips
  • 1 break even trip
  • Up nearly $2k for the year
  • Harrahs Cherokee total was down 400
  • Vegas total was up 2400

Overall I was very happy with the year on several fronts.  Obviously the bottom line is most important so it was nice to be well ahead for the year – the highlight being the $5K chip win at Paris this fall.  I’m also happy with the blog and my Twitter feed where I’ve been able to chronicle my progress and follow and learn from some very interesting people in the world of gaming.

I also had the pleasure of bringing a good friend into the world of blackjack and sharing my strategies and excitement for the game.  That has been a highlight to watch him get better and experience the ups and downs I’ve been through over the past few years much faster than I did so that his game is further along than it would be if he was going it alone.  I like to play blackjack alone, but having someone to share the ride with made this year more enjoyable.

So what’s on tap for 2015?  The first priority is to line up as many trips as possible to Vegas.  You can’t improve without live game action so the goal is 6+ Vegas trips in the new year.  I always want to take the next step with my winning so let’s put $5k as the goal for total winnings.  Also on an individual session goal I need to step up from a $5k chip win to a $10k chip win in one session – that is probably a stretch goal, but gotta aim high!  I’d also like to get a paying client for blackjack lessons and strategy, but that seems a little out of reach as long as I have a day job so I’d settle for converting another friend into the blackjack strategy club.

Overall a very satisfying and fun 2014!  I look forward to 2015 and with my first Vegas trip less than a week away I’m on the right track.  All the best to everyone in the new year!


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