Great Motivation to Keep Playing Blackjack


This is the first $5000 chip I won in one session on a $100 blackjack table at Paris during my last trip to Vegas.  Really there isn’t much explanation needed as to why this is my motivation, but it’s fun to talk about winning real money!

In my blackjack evolution I’ve taken steps moving up in table limits from $10 to $100 and now moving up in my one-session winnings from the $100s to $5000.  The key to this picture is that it means I was smart enough to walk away once I hit my goal.

I’ve struggled, as most players do, with having the discipline to walk away from a winning streak before things start to go downhill.  In this case the pit boss was my partner in the process.  As I was playing, my stack oscillated up and down for a time until I hit a hot streak and started to build my nest egg.  Once I was firmly in the black I mentioned to the dealer and boss that I was on a quest for my first chocolate chip.

As the night wore on I continued to stack black chips and play my consistent strategy.  After a split/double hand I went to place my next bet in the progression and the boss asked if I had counted my chips.  I was a bit confused then realized with that last big hand I hit $5K plus a little change.  I chipped up, tipped the change, and walked my one big chip to the cashier.

It was surreal and the feeling that keeps me working hard on my Momentum Blackjack(tm) strategy and coming back to the casino as often as possible.  My next level is the $10,000 chip which seems nearly impossible, but that was the same feeling I had after I won my first $1000 chip at a $25 table and a $5000 chip seemed out of reach.  I look forward to the post when I get to share a photo of my $10K chip with you.


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