9 Ways Casual Blackjack Players Can Avoid Big Losses

Not every casual blackjack player loses every time, but as we know the casinos are making a lot of money on the fact that the casual player is getting crushed on a regular basis.  So why do the guys weekend dudes and the bachelorette party crew always seem to come up on the short end of the deal?  Here is a quick rundown of simple things that can help on your next casino weekend without the need for a card-counting class.

  1. Play at a reasonable limit table – if you can only lose $100 play at a $5 or $10 table
  2. Avoid 6:5 blackjack tables if you can – they are harder to escape these days
  3. Drink a little less – have fun, but get sloppy at the club or pool instead
  4. Find a good dealer – it will be more fun and they’ll help you along the way
  5. Play by the book – it doesn’t account for all nuances, but you will avoid big errors
  6. Smart bet changes – increase a bit when you win a few, don’t randomly double your bet
  7. Walk away – hardest rule to follow, but time is always on the side of the casino
  8. No casino ATMs – bring with you only what you are willing to lose
  9. Have fun – if you aren’t having fun, take a walk, clear your mind and try again later

None of these are guaranteed to make you a profitable blackjack player, but if you have all of these elements in your next blackjack experience there is a much better chance you will have fun, keep your losses to a minimum and possibly even walk away a winner.


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