13 Observations From a Successful Vegas Blackjack Trip

By successful Vegas blackjack trip I mean that I came back a winner.  If you are the person who read my previous posts you know I don’t care about much else when it comes to blackjack in Vegas – or anywhere else.  No fancy restaurants, no strip joints, no big name DJs at clubs, none of the Vegas trappings, just get me a seat alone at a good blackjack table and I’m good to go.

So here is what I saw in bullet point format:

  1. When people enter your table mid-shoe it is a disaster
  2. Playing with other people is purely for fun, rarely do you win as a group
  3. If your dealer doesn’t smile or talk, walk away quickly
  4. When a guy buys in with a $20 at a $15 table, you don’t want to play with him
  5. Surrender is the best invention in the history of blackjack
  6. The cards seem to run as expected at $100 tables better than at low limit tables
  7. Sticking with your system is mandatory no matter the situation
  8. A good playing environment is more important than a fancy casino brand name
  9. The Planet Hollywood, Paris, Bally’s corridor is about all I need in Vegas
  10. If you have a great run, don’t give it all back, but keep some money in rotation to appease the blackjack gods
  11. If you don’t win splits and doubles there is little chance you come home a winner
  12. Set a limit for your losses and your wins – and stick to it
  13. Blatant self-promo: my Momentum Blackjack(tm) system works

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