24 Hour Vegas Blackjack Binge Recap

I just got back from a super-quick and successful 24-hour Vegas blackjack bender.  The basic summary is that I cut my trip short due to above expected win on day 1, so no need to press the issue on day 2.  I’m excited about the results and how my Momentum Blackjack(tm) system is working.

Below is a timeline recap, several post topics to follow.

  • Wednesday:
  • 8am ET – leave home for airport
  • 11am PT – arrive Planet Hollywood Vegas
  • noon – first hand
  • 4p – up a couple yards*
  • 7p – dinner break breaking even
  • 8p – first Bud Light
  • 9p – head to $100 minimum tables at Paris
  • 11p – leave high-limit room up over 40 yards
  • midnight – bed
  • Thursday
  • 4am – wake up and head to Ballys
  • 5am – call Delta and change to earlier flight home
  • 8am – call it a day, down 5 yards, but very happy with the trip
  • 9:40am – donate $20 to usual slot machine at airport
  • 5p ET – arrive home

*Leave me a comment if you’d like to know what a yard is.


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