Holy Macau – $270 minimum bets crush $20 Vegas average

The good folks at CNN Money had a very interesting article about the minimum bet sizes in Macau.  According to their report the average MINIMUM bet at a Macau casino is $270!  And I thought my $100 minimum table play was putting me into strong territory.  In comparison Vegas gamblers are low rollers at only a $20 average minimum bet.

I suppose I can take some comfort in the fact that I’m well above average in Vegas, but it is a little humbling being at 10% of our Macau cohorts. I’m a blackjack player, which only accounts for 1% of Macau action, so I don’t know much about baccarat, their primary game of choice.  Maybe money goes further at baccarat, but I know that if I started at $270 minimum bet at blackjack I could easily lose thousands of dollars in under an hour of play.

I agree with the article premise that blowing through money quickly hurts the gaming industry in the long run.  Giving more people the chance to play longer with reasonable limits feels like a better business model to sustain over time.  In the case of Macau you are relying on high rollers who can afford to lose plenty of money every time they play and likely limiting your pool of available clients.

Of course the lower limit option plays much more favorably into my blackjack strategy so I’m biased.  The longer I can stretch out a neutral run the better chance I’ll make a positive run and capitalize with a winning session.

I guess my personal takeaway is to stay closer to home and play blackjack in Vegas.  The final word in the CNN Money article is that Macau upside still exists so more power to the casinos and their big money customers!


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