Making a Plan for My Blackjack Future

I thought I might lose my job last week.  Our company was going through large-scale layoffs and at my level no one was safe.  When it was revealed that I didn’t get the axe a strange thing happened; I was disappointed.  A big reason I was ready to leave is my blackjack ambition.

I’ve been laid off before and I don’t wish it on anyone.  Many of my friends were let go in this round and I hate that they have to go through the stress that this will bring.  That being said, I truly believe I was ready to change from a corporate drone to a blackjack player – at least on a part-time basis.

My biggest hurdle to making the transition was going to be the family.  Since I’m nowhere near Las Vegas it would take either moving or commuting on a regular basis – neither of which is appealing.  The wife isn’t going to Vegas and commuting would make the economics much harder.

The potential solution I found is very appealing and there is a good chance it will be my direction in the relatively near future.  As much as I’d like to think I could replace my 6-figure salary with a full-time blackjack gig it’s probably wiser to give myself more opportunities for success.

The new plan for my next phase will be a combination of self-employment.  The goal is to start my own business in my current expertise on a project basis geared at 3-6 month engagements which gives me multiple windows for blackjack between projects.  Timing is still uncertain since I can’t walk away from my current salary and benefits just yet.

Until the plan goes in motion I’ll continue to play as much as possible, fine tune my system and keep my reader(s) up to date on my efforts.  And if you happen to run a television production company I’m ready to start playing blackjack full-time for your next reality series pilot.


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