Will 5th Vegas Visit in 2014 be a Charm?


I have a 4+ hour flight to Vegas so for me getting there is definitely not half the fun.  That being said, I just booked my 5th Vegas trip of 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited.  In my previous 4 trips I’m basically break-even with a couple of caveats.

The 2 trips where I was solo and had an opportunity to play my system on my own schedule I won several thousand dollars.  The 2 visits where I was with other people and played between meetings or sat at games out of convenience or camaraderie I was down several thousand.

This 5th trip is a solo event, no distractions, plenty of time to play blackjack my way, on my own terms.  That is a great thing, but it also adds pressure.  It will be my last opportunity in my quest to become a better blackjack player to make this a winning year.  And I have no excuse not to win.

The funny thing about this trip is that it is a mini-celebration of keeping my job.  Our company had massive layoffs and I was lucky to avoid the axe.  So as a gift to myself I’m taking this trip and staying at a comp room at my favorite place Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.  And in case you are wondering my consolation gift to myself if I did get the axe was the same trip.

I’ll keep the blog up to date on my prep for the trip and then will try to live blog or maybe live tweet my 48 hours of blackjack next month so everyone can follow my results.


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