Personal Blackjack Shoe is a Great Practice Tool


You might think that with all the free blackjack apps out there an actual blackjack shoe would be a waste of money.  Why go through the trouble of getting chips, shuffling cards, dealing and tracking cards when your phone or iPad can do everything for you?  I understand that argument, and most of the time I play on an app, but every once in a while it is nice to practice with real cards in a real shoe to get a better feel for live casino conditions.

Walmart sells a blackjack shoe with 6 decks and a discard tray for about 19.99.  I bought this about three months ago and I gotta say it’s been a great investment in my blackjack training program.

Tonight I’m walking into the game with ‘$300’ and below are my results for one shoe.

  • Playing $25 table, surrender, about 75% penetration
  • 1st hand 11 vs. 4 showing – double down = 15 vs. dealer 4,3,Q = 17 – lose $50 – ouch
  • First surrender about 8 hands in 16 vs. 10
  • Won double down A,3 vs. 6 showing to get back to even
  • Now up $100 with $50 bet on the table
  • Run ends at $75 bet, now up $150
  • First split 2,2 vs. 6 – won both 13, 20 vs. bust – up $200
  • Back to back splits – 3,3 vs. 7 – lost both 17, 15 vs. 18
  • Made Momentum Blackjack(tm) play – against the book – started 5 hand winning streak
  • First blackjack on $40 bet – now up $250
  • 7 card winner – 2,2,3,4,A,3,2 vs. 9,7,10
  • Shoe ending split 8s – lost both, shoe needs to end
  • Shoe ends poorly – final tally is a win of $150 or a 50% ROI on the $300 investment

Overall my play was solid.  Made a couple of moves against the book using my own Momentum Blackjack(tm) system which paid off.  If I was playing perfectly I would have walked away earlier than the end of the shoe when the momentum turned, but that is one of the hardest plays to make.

I’ll take a $150 win every time on a $300 investment.


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