Jonesin’ For a Blackjack Fix

I don’t live close to a casino, and it is driving me crazy right now.  The closest casino is over 3 hours away by car.  It’s almost easier to fly to Vegas or Atlantic City to play cards, but that isn’t realistic on a regular basis with a full-time job, family, etc.  So what is an aspiring blackjack player to do?

In my case not much and it is getting old.  I’m honestly tempted to leave my job and go work for myself so I can have more control over my time.  I’ve even considered getting a job that requires regular west coast travel so I can work in Vegas stops.

There is rumor that a casino is being built about 2 hours away, but it’s been promised for ‘next summer’ for the past two summers so I’m not holding my breath.  I’m tempted to drive up there to see it for myself, but I’m afraid that either a) I’ll be disappointed that it isn’t further along or b) I’ll realize that my blackjack obsession has gone too far while I’m driving 2 hours each way to see a pile of dirt.

In earlier posts I’ve mentioned that I won’t break the law and play at an online casino for real money, so I’m stuck.  I’m working on another trip in the next 30 days so I can get back on the tables.  I’ll keep you posted on my next adventure and please lobby your state senators to build more casinos so I can donate more money to the local economy!


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