Vegas Trip Recap – Best of Times, Worst of Times

I’ve got so much new material from my 48 hours in Las Vegas last week that I’m still organizing what will make it into future posts in the coming days and weeks.  The executive summary is that Vegas is still the greatest place on earth for a guys trip.  The sub-headline is that guys trips split your gambling into two categories – drunken fun and strategic.

Unfortunately for my bankroll, this time around the drunken fun sucked more money out than my strategic play could make up in the end.

My companions on this trip included two buddies – one of whom was my first Momentum Blackjack client and the other was an amateur gambler who wanted to drink more than he cared about winning or losing.  The client is a good friend who has been overwhelmed by gambling in the past and wanted to learn more about blackjack so he could better enjoy his trip.

I’ll get into some of the details of the action in multiple future posts, but here is a sneak peek of some topics to expect: Gambling drunk, first client success story, avoiding bad tables, 6:5 sucks (still), walking the strip, when to walk away, what makes a great dealer, players to avoid, etc.

I hope you join me in review that will hopefully make us all better blackjack players going forward.


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