Last Minute Practice Before Vegas Trip

I’m geeked up for my trip to Vegas this Wednesday! To get ready I had my buddy over to test out my new 6-deck blackjack shoe. He is a fairly novice player so we talked strategy and played a couple of shoes with the kids. He is at the stage where he still is working to remember basic strategy which is probably where the majority of casual players are and will always be.

The things I noticed when playing with him were that he was working so hard to remember what he should do on every hand that he missed a few opportunities to help his overall results.

The first area for improvement, which I see all the time with novice players, is that he was so concerned with making the right moves he often forgot to increase his bets when he got rolling. He left a decent amount of money on the table by staying at the minimum bet amount too long which meant that when the tide turned against him he quickly gave back his winnings.

The second issue was his lack of nerve – this is related to the first issue, but was a more conscious decision. He wouldn’t stick to his double, split, bet-increase strategy due to a concern for losing. This is the oldest gambling saying in the book ‘you gotta bet big to win big’. I don’t advocate wildly betting large amounts, but if you aren’t willing to play your game no matter what the bet amount you are likely not going to come out ahead because even if you lose a couple of times overall if you trust your system and decision making in the end it will come out in your favor no matter what the amount of your bet.

Overall I felt pretty good about my play and plan of attack leading into the trip this week. Now I need to stick to my plan, not get sucked in by free drinks and friends wanting to play at tables that have the hottest dealer.

Wish me luck!


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