T-Minus 2 Weeks Until Vegas


If, like me you’re a gambler stuck far from major casinos, Vegas is the vacation you look forward to with great anticipation.  Yes, 49% of the Nevada population is in debt collection and there seem to be more unemployed people in drunk Mickey costumes on the strip than at the blackjack tables these days, but with due respect to Macau, Vegas is still the place to be.

I’m headed to the strip in two weeks with a couple of buddies which has got me excited, but also a little hesitant.  Of course I’m excited because I’m staying in an Aria suite, get to play blackjack for two days straight and we’ll enjoy great food and drink.  I’m hesitant because I’ve never gambled with these guys before and I have a feeling it will lead to more BUI than good solid money-making blackjack sessions.

There is also some added pressure since these guys know I have a system and play to make money.  They will be watching all my play and constantly checking on my progress.  I’m okay with the extra scrutiny, but with them playing at my table there is a good chance they will impact my game with their play and I won’t be able to say anything since these are my friends.

I’ll keep posting updates on my way to the trip as well as during and after to give a summary of how this new experiment in my blackjack journey unfolds.



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