Sands Vegas Makes $4K/Table/Day – That’s It?

More great stats on gaming in Vegas and Macau – this time from Motley Fool.  The one stat that stuck out most in my mind was that Las Vegas Sands (Bellagio, Venetian, etc) makes $3,966 per table per day.

This doesn’t seem like a lot of money.  I know I’ve lost almost that much in Vegas in a day before, so I’m doing my share of the work.  For comparison in Macau they make $37,641 per table per day – almost 10X more than Vegas!

Sands makes twice as much from everything other than gambling in Vegas, WTF?  This is what drives me crazy about the modern Vegas.  This city was built on people who have dreams of hitting it big on the tables and now the city is hitting it big on Red Bull Vodkas.  Visitors have given up trying to hit the jackpot, unless they are DJs who apparently are the new version of the jackpot winners based on the billboards I’ve seen.

Anyway, next time you are in Vegas play a couple extra hands at the tables so that in future visits there are still tables left for us all to play!!


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