Blackjack Vultures Please Fly Away

I’ve written before about the types of people you don’t want to be and you don’t want sitting near you at the blackjack tables.  My most recent addition to this list is the vulture.  I recently encountered this annoying character at my last trip to the casino.

My day wasn’t going very well and I was sitting solo at the $100 table.  The two women at the table next to me had just been knocked sideways by their dealer and both left at the same time, but instead of moving on they decided to swoop over to my table.

The first woman hovered over my left shoulder and the second sat at first base.  Neither of them made any move to buy in or ever said a word, they simply sat there and stared.  I could feel both of them begging for me to lose so they would a) feel better about their losses and b) get me off this table so they could jump in.

After several minutes I knew that I should get up and walk away, but I was so annoyed that I couldn’t give them the satisfaction of leaving the table.  Of course this was counter-productive since the momentum wasn’t going my way and I was now distracted by the vultures.

I played out the shoe, tipped the dealer (who gave me a knowing eye roll), picked up my remaining chips and walked off without looking at the vultures.  Please don’t be a vulture the next time you visit the casino – feel free to watch and cheer on other players, but know that if you are waiting to pick the bones off another players carcass it isn’t a welcome addition to any table.


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