Blackjack beatdown – Lessons Learned

If you were one of the very few people following my blackjack beatdown via @blackjackroi on Twitter you know it was not pretty.  On the looong car ride home I had time to think about what went wrong and it was rather simple actually.

Lesson 1) Don’t play over your target level no matter how busy the casino.  In this case I was prepared for $25-50 tables and when seats were not available I played at the $100 tables.  This limited my swings at the plate and made it almost impossible to win unless I came out of the gate with big winning shoes.

Lesson 2) If you do get ahead – take it and leave.  In this case I had a nice little run and was up a few hundred dollars and instead of standing and leaving I kept going and the inevitable happened.

There are a few more things I observed and learned which I will write about in future posts, but had I followed these two simple things I would have walked away even or ahead instead of way down for the day.


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