Nice Dealer = Big Losses

I’ve mentioned before that blackjack dealers are some of my favorite people to chat with.  Just like everything else there are good dealers and not so great dealers and in certain casinos they make it a point for their dealers to be very friendly at all times.  This is usually a good thing, but when you are trying to make money, staying the extra shoe to keep a conversation going with a nice dealer or even worse to keep staring at a beautiful dealer is a quick way to big losses.

Some of my favorite dealers are at Planet Hollywood in Vegas – there is James who is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and several bikini cald beauties at the Pleasure Pit who are always happy to see you return.  They have sucked me in several times with their great attitudes and fun atmosphere keeping me at the table longer than I knew I should stay.

Here is my simple piece of advice – be friendly and have a good time with your dealer, but remember that they are business people and they understand that if you get up and walk away there will be another buyer to fill your spot.  


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