I’m a Gambler and Proud Part of the 87%


The American Gaming Association recently released a survey which said that 87 percent of Americans think gambling is an acceptable activity. Now there’s a ringing endorsement – acceptable – and that was the lead of the press release.

Politicians can rev up their base by opposing new casinos in their state, moral authority types can tell us the evil gambling brings with it, and the worry-wart set can always point to the distant uncle who threw away the family business on the ponies.  The thing is that gambling does create jobs and it brings people entertainment in a way that is no more harmful than sugary foods, smoking and alcohol.

I know people abuse gambling and I hate that it has been part of the destruction of lives in various ways.  I also would proffer that these people likely would have found some other vice to destroy their lives had gambling not done the trick.  I’m not making light of bad situations, but my personal opinion is that gambling when done responsibly is more than acceptable.

Of course as I write this I’m not out there advertising my affection for blackjack to my friends, family and co-workers.  I have a few close friends who will talk gambling with me on a regular basis, but otherwise I am not going to start in on blackjack or gambling conversations unless someone else initiates it.

This blog is my outlet to let people know what I’m excited and passionate about and in the hopes that the 87% won’t grow to 100%, but ‘acceptable’ will turn into ‘excited’.  So let’s get gambling out into the mainstream, bring more people into the casinos and have more fun along the way.


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