No Happy Fathers Day for Blackjack

First, to all the Dad’s out there – Happy Fathers Day!  I hope that you are doing whatever it is that you truly enjoy doing on this day made for us.  For me in order of preference I’d be 1) in a casino playing blackjack 2) playing golf 3) sitting on my couch watching US Open and World Cup.  Today I’m getting #3 thanks to my wife and kids.

I love the family, but it is nice every once in a while getting some time to myself and blackjack is one of my favorite escapes from the routine.  With that in mind I was thinking about a post to thank the ‘father of blackjack’ for creating this pastime, but in my admittedly broad and shallow research via the internet no one could pinpoint where blackjack came from.

It’s probably fitting that there is no one inventor of the game.  With no point of inception there is more intrigue and mystery associated with blackjack and also there isn’t one guy to curse when that dealer turns a 16 into a 21, only the elusive blackjack Gods.

So Happy Fathers Day to blackjack from all of us who are devotees to this game that has no father.


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