How Much Money Should I Bring to Casino?


When you walk into a casino they have a plan to take as much of your money as possible so your best defense is to be prepared as possible.  My first rule is to only walk into a casino with as much money as you are prepared to lose that day.  If you start to hit the ATM it is easy to lose track of how much you’re in for the session and before you know it you’ve gone too far.

One piece of the budget puzzle is how many opportunities you have at the tables.  In order to maximize your chances you want to make sure your buy-in amount is appropriate for the table minimum.  If you buy in for $100 at a $25 table you likely won’t have enough chances to get rolling, but if you buy in $500 at a $5 table and the momentum goes the wrong way you could quickly lose more than necessary.

My general rule is to buy-in for 10-15x the table minimum.  That gives you enough chances to get on a roll, but doesn’t put you in so far that if things go south you’ve buried your bankroll in one session.

For those following along at home:

  • $10 table = $100 – 150 buy-in
  • $15 table = $150 – 225 buy-in
  • $25 table = $250 – 375 buy-in
  • $100 table = $1000 – 1500 buy-in

Buy in for an amount that is comfortable for your budget and have a plan of attack going into the session and you’ll have a much better chance of having a great day at the blackjack tables.


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