The Moment of Truth

FightRingBellYour current bet is at the high-end of your limit, the dealer has a 5 showing and you’ve split 7s, the next card is a 3 so you double down and get a 6, the next card out is another 7 so you split hand #2 and end up with a 17 and a 13.  You now have 4x your original bet and 3 less than premium hands – this is the moment of truth.

Not every blackjack moment of truth is as obvious or as gut wrenching as this example, but almost every session there is one hand you can look back at and say either ‘if I only made that double’ or ‘thank goodness the dealer busted’.

These are the hands that keep us coming back.  One big reason I play blackjack is for the action and getting my money in with strong odds on a hand that has a chance to jump start my session is always good for an extra few heart beats per second.

The moment of trust isn’t just a blackjack phenomenon, it happens in poker and careers and life, but this isn’t a blog to dig deep into our collective psyches so I’ll leave that subject to someone with more clinical ambition.  When you reach that moment of truth keep your wits about you, make the right decisions, and may the cards fall in your favor.


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