Say Less, Play More Please


Even though I prefer to play blackjack by myself, I’m a fairly nice guy to play with if you happen to sit at my table.  I generally keep a low profile, give a fist bump for a big win, cheer for you to get a 10 on an Ace, and have friendly conversation with the dealers.  The one thing that will turn me against you is if you try to tell me how I should play my cards.

On the list of my personal blackjack etiquette faux pas this is near the top of the irritaion charts.  I will give you my opinion if you ask me directly, if you ask the dealer and they are the wishy-washy type who won’t commit to an answer, or you read this blog – otherwise you play your cards however you’d like and let me do the same.  And if you don’t like how I play a hand, pick up your chips and move to another table, that’s exactly what I will do when you play a way that bothers me or you try to give me advice.

At low-limit tables I can give it a pass in many cases people are being friendly and assume you aren’t a regular player.  At the higher limit tables the advice givers tend to think they know better than everyone else and want to control the game.

To be fair I had a short stretch when I thought I was the only one who had figured out a decent system and gave advice to a few unlucky folks who sat down.  Luckily I caught myself when another advice giver started spouting off and I could see my reflection in his annoying behavior.

I look forward to sitting next to you at my table as long as you let me play my way and you play yours – enough said.


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