Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotions

I pounded the table, a chip was lodged under the rail which made the rail bounce back and rattle more than it should have as my stack of chips tumbled over.  This was at Ballys Las Vegas and the music was off so everyone within three tables around me including the pit boss all turned and stared.  I kept my head down, embarrased, stacked my chips back and quickly placed my next bet.

I wish I could say this was years ago when I was young and impetuous, but this was early 2014 and I should have known better.  Yes the errant chip under the rail made it worse than it really was, but I’ve played enough hands to know that even when it looks like you have a big hand won anything can (and usually does) happen.

In this case I had a $75 bet, split 8s to make it $150 against a 5 – split hands were 17 & 18 vs a 5 + K, next card was a 5 which was one of the three cards that could beat me.  Yes it was a bad beat, but no excuse for showing emotion.  

Inexperienced players always lament the bad beat, but it so often happens that the dealer hits the one card that can beat you.  The best way to handle a big loss is the same way you should handle a big win – a small under your breath curse on the loss and a mini table knock on the win.

In a nutshell – act like you’ve been there before.

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