Prepare Today for Blackjack Tomorrow

I’m taking a day off from work tomorrow to hit the blackjack tables.  It’s about a 2.5 hour drive for me to get to the nearest casino and I don’t get to play as much as I’d like so when I do take the time to play I try to make the most of the trip.  I strongly believe that being as prepared as possible is your best chance for success in whatever you are doing in your professional or personal life.

So how do you prepare for a day of blackjack?  For me it starts well in advance in some ways and in some ways I’ll adjust on the fly.  The furthest advance planning comes in bringing cash with me to the casino – I have a policy to not use an ATM at a casino.  I don’t travel with a huge sum of money, but by bringing only the amount with me that I’m prepared to lose keeps me from getting in too deep in any given visit in case the cards run cold.

With my cash on hand the next step is practice.  I treat blackjack like my tennis or golf game, if I don’t practice regularly and in the conditions I expect to play in then I can’t expect to have the best possible results.  My typical practice routine involves the Blackjack 21 Pro app.  I adjust the settings to the same set-up as the casino I’ll be visiting to simulate my situation as close as possible.  I’ll also review my bet sizing options for various table limits that I may play.

Once in the casino I’ll take my time and review the situation as best possible in real-time.  I’ll take time to see what tables are available and create a plan of attack that usually starts with my lower-limit of $25 tables and then adjusts up depending on early results.  Knowing what is available makes a difference as the day goes on so that you can find upside when things are going well and minimize downside if momentum isn’t on your side.

Wish me luck tomorrow – hopefully planning will pay – I’ll report back on the outcome in a future post.


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