Nothing Personal – Why I’d Rather Play Blackjack Alone

When I sit at a blackjack table I usually sit at 4th position put my feet up on the third base foot rests and lean on the 3rd position seat back.  You are walking through the casino looking for a friendly table to join and I don’t even turn around to acknowledge you exist.  These are the body language cues I’ve developed to let anyone coming near my table that I like to play my blackjack solo.

Don’t get me wrong – in general I like meeting new people and some of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in casinos have been with random strangers or my friends – but when it comes to making money playing blackjack other people just get in my way.  I have a blackjack strategy that works best when I’m playing by myself against the dealer, this isn’t the best strategy for everyone, but for me I’ve found that I consistently make more money when playing alone.

Here’s my basic theory: when I play alone I can control the flow of cards – either positive or negative – and while there is a risk of going on a very cold run, almost every shoe has some good in it and by using Momentum Blackjack ™ I can maximize the returns on my efforts.  When other people sit with me there are a couple of factors that can negatively impact the results including poor play which you see more often at low limit tables, but still exists at every bet minimum.  The second negative is the good cards factor where the potential runs get split bewteen three players which means that you might get the good run, but your chances are now 1/3 vs. 1/2 of getting that run so you’re potential upside on any given shoe is reduced.

I will play at tables with others when I’m looking to slow down a losing night and seeing more cards every shoe can get me back on track or when I’m just gambling for fun with friends or co-workers.  Ironically when I gamble for fun I typically lose money and somehow still can have fun as long as I’ve picked a table that has a personable dealer, in a casino that has an energetic vibe, and with table mates that are in a good mood.

So if you see me in a casino and I’ve spread myself across multiple seats please don’t get offended if you decide to sit and I collect my chips to leave shortly after you sit – it’s not personal I just want to maximize my ROI.


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