Review of Paris Casino Las Vegas

paris logoI’ve had some of my more memorable Vegas experiences at the Paris Las Vegas casino.  In my younger days I ended up having a dinner that cost more than my weekly salary in the Eiffel Tower with two total strangers I met at the craps table which included photos and conversation with Kathy Griffin and the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when they were at the height of their popularity.  My younger days are fading into the rearview mirror, but I still have a positive vibe for Paris.

I hadn’t played at Paris Las Vegas in a couple of years until late 2013 when I rediscovered it – I had taken a detour playing at higher end places and the previous times I had played Paris it had become fairly bland with a middle aged divorcee feel.  My most recent visit to Paris was April 2014.

Since I’ve rediscovered it, my more recent experiences with Paris have been mainly positive – the gaming floor is a good size, the main floor is a bit quiet with not much ambient noise, but they do have a ‘pleasure pit’ area at nights that turns up the volume a bit and adds some energy.  They do tend to jack up their table minimums at night which might be a deterrent to people who are looking for a $10-15 blackjack table or $5 craps game.

In addition to a solid mid-tier feel they have generally pleasant dealers and staff who are a little stiffer than Ballys or Planet Hollywood, but offer more personality than you might find at Bellagio or Caesars.  The wide array of food options in close proximity to the tables is another nice benefit as you can get a solid high-end dinner or grab a bite on the go at a moments notice.

Overall my ratings for Paris Las Vegas Casino is a B+

Gaming – B+

Atmosphere – B+

Food – A- lots of options at any end of the spectrum

People watching – C+, fairly conservative crowd, not very flashy, head through tunnel to Ballys for some fun people watching

Friendly dealers/staff – B

Nightlife – not really, more food and happy hours



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