Review of Aria Casino Las Vegas

Aria casino Las Vegas is a stunning venue.  It is one of the newest additions to the strip and it attracts a very beautiful upscale crowd.  My last visit to Aria was March 2014.  I really want Aria to be my favorite place in Vegas, it is georgeous, has a huge gaming floor and has a very slick vibe, but unfortunately I just can’t get into it.  There are a ton of blackjack tables, but the $15 and $25 tables use auto-shuffle machines which make them feel cheaper than the venue.  The $50 and $100 tables have manual shuffle, but they are in the middle of the gaming floor which doesn’t make them feel very special.  Maybe this place doesn’t feel like betting $50-100 per hand is worthy of special treatment and that is why I don’t feel like it is for me.  Also the dealers are generally blah, not a lot of energy and while they are not unpleasant like you can find in some casinos they don’t go out of their way to make a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

As far as food goes, I eat at Todd English PUB almost every time I’m in Vegas and they have great upscale dining option in Aria.  I’m a pretty basic guy, burger, fries, beer are my staples and PUB delivers these extremely well in a nice relaxed environment.  They also have great happy hour deals most days which let’s you eat good food at a reasonable price which is sometimes hard to come by in Vegas.

I think a concerted effort by the MGM management to have the dealers show some energy and have more fun would likely make Aria a contender for one of my Vegas must visit casinos.  As it is I’ll stop by here most visits for sliders at PUB and maybe a couple of rounds of blackjack, but unless the energy level ramps up it won’t be my first destination.

Overall my ratings for Aria Casino Las Vegas is an A-

Gaming – B+

Atmosphere – A

Food – A- great for upscale dinners, Todd English PUB is a favorite for casual bar fare

People watching – A, very few of the giant straw in a plastic drink crowd, tons of beautiful people which makes it hard to concentrate

Friendly dealers/staff – B

Nightlife – not known for it


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