Review of Planet Hollywood Casino Las Vegas

It is fitting that my first review of a casino is Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  It is my current favorite gaming location and my last visit was early April 2014.  I’ve played at most Las Vegas strip casinos as well as several regional casinos and this would be my first choice if you asked me where do you want to gamble tomorrow.  My criteria for favorite casino probably doesn’t apply to everyone, but here is what I like about PH.

I’m a blackjack player first and foremost and Planet Hollywood offers a solid amount of tables in a variety of minimums from $15 to $100.  They have a high energy vibe on the casino floor which is still upscale which is a hard combination to find.   The dealers are all extremely friendly and they make an effort to treat their guests well.  I’ve been to PH about a dozen times in the past 3 years and there are always a few dealers and pit bosses who remember me – it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but considering how many people come through here and how little recognition you receive at other casinos it’s a refreshing experience.  The Pleasure Pit is also a nice bonus with very attractive and friendly women in very skimpy outfits dealing blackjack.

Outside of blackjack they have great music rocking the place, a fun dance entrance for the Pleasure Pit girls every night at 8pm to the song Phamous, and a nice mix of the young and pretty crowd with the 30-40 year olds who can afford $25 tables and like modern pop/dance music.  The tables games are a good mix of minimums with $5 craps at off hours during the week and even a decent size poker area.  The high-limit room is fairly small, but very nice atmosphere with an attentive and professional staff.

If you aren’t a gambler then PH has the added benefit of being attached to a mid-sized mall with all types of shops, bars and restaurants.  None of the restaurants are super nice, but if you just want a quick burger, taco or sandwich and a beer they have all kinds of options.  My favorite for a quick breakfast or lunch  is Earl of Sandwich which is attached to the casino and even gives or takes Total Reward points.

Overall my ratings for Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is an A

Gaming – A

Atmosphere – A

Food – B+ for casual fare, lower if you want something nice or a business dinner

People watching – B, I like a little more trashy, funny characters, but I did see best mullet ever on last visit wish I took a pic

Friendly dealers/staff – A

Nightlife – none that I know of


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